Get the revolutionary Colt 255 Driver for only $199 + Free Shipping.

This club has a technique built into it that pros like Viktor Hovland, Jon Rahm, and Tiger Woods use

Rotational Force Technology - Automatically increases your swing speed

Add an extra 6-12 MPH to your club head speed, which translates into 15-30 more yards of dead accurate distance.

When it comes to golf, common sense gets in the way.

Common sense tells us: if I keep the club face looking at the target…I'll hit the ball straighter.

I would never want to open and close the face and rotate the toe, right?

But what if you found out that every single great player in the history of golf, the ones that hit it longest and straightest, all rotate the face?

Would you want to try it?

Even though the reasonable part of your brain is saying: NO!

That you have to:

  • Keep the face looking at the target
  • Don't let the toe pass the heel
  • The club face has got to be square for 12 inches

But does it really? 

Not if you want to hit the ball solidly, consistently, and long.

Look at this slo-mo video of Viktor Hovland…Tiger…and Jon Rahm.

If you want that kind of accuracy and power, like the pros, you need to hit the home run.

“Before today, I didn’t know I was supposed to release the clubhead through the ball; once I got the hang of it, I started boom right down the fairway, further and better than ever.”

- Steve Pugh

24 Handicap

What's that?

Well, it's opening the face and closing the face.

When you keep the face square like with a bat . . .

That's a bunt.

But when you let the end of the bat fly through impact, that's swinging it for a home run.

It's the same in tennis; the face of the tennis racket stays square, and that's a drop shot.

But when you want to hit a powerful topspin forehand,

You open the face and release.

And it's the same in golf.

If you keep the club face square back and through, you’re just going to hit it short or to the right.

But if you open the face and release the toe through impact, you’re going to hit a home run.

Here is the BIG SECRET

Pros do NOT keep the club face square throughout the swing AT ALL.

You can see it…the clubface is open well before impact AND then closed after!

The pros do it, so, why can’t you?

Here’s why! 

Because the driver in YOUR bag was made for a tour pro. 

The big company drivers’ design, weighting, and total engineering are made to STOP or slow down a release! 

That’s because the pros swing the driver at 110, 120, and now even 130-plus miles an hour.

Top players NEED their driver to be HARD to release.

Hard to rotate the toe too quickly.

But slowing down the rotation of the toe is a death sentence for you! 

If you’re not swinging at speeds over 110 mph, you’ll have trouble:

  • Keep the face looking at the target
  • Don't let the toe pass the heel
  • The club face has got to be square for 12 inches

You’re doomed because the technology that works against you is built right into your driver!

You have to be lucky, and time it just right to overcome it on occasion…well help is finally here.

Let The Smart Design Work Its Magic For You

Two of the top award-winning golf club designers today, Josh Boggs and Jeff Halstead, got together to solve this MASSIVE problem.

They challenged each other to see if they could find a way to engineer and design a driver that makes it easier to release the toe through impact.

Like a tour pro does naturally.

Their research showed this would be a breakthrough for regular amateur golfers. What they developed:

  • A head that automatically releases through impact
  • Strategically weighted smaller clubhead design with weight in the heel
  • Shorter total driver length
  • Counterbalance technology with more weight at the butt of the shaft

This combination of physics and mechanical advantages provides normal golfers with a huge edge.

It would help release the toe almost automatically and give consistently dead-center drives down the pipe with added distance…

And do it without swinging harder or even practicing more.

Here’s the result of their efforts…it’s the COLT 255 driver.

The COLT is beautiful and designed to work almost like magic to let you . . .

  • Release the toe
  • Add effortless distance
  • Stripe bomb after bomb down the middle of the fairway! 

“The Colt is very easy to hit. The swing and the balance it’s just solid. It’s awesome. I love it. What else can you do to your golf game that’s going to have that much impact that quickly.”

- Todd Evenson

18 Handicap

INTRODUCING  the Colt 255 - Where Technology Matches Skill Level For The First Time

The Colt isn’t another “me too” driver, or one that makes claims it can’t deliver. With the Colt, you’ll immediately solve the riddle that plagues nearly every single amateur golfer:

How to get insane accuracy and effortless distance consistently off the tee

The Colt 255 is built radically different than any other driver. It’s not like any of those big name company drivers that are probably in your bag, and it’s totally unlike any gimmicky or anti-slice clubs that you’ve probably heard about.

The Colt has been engineered utilizing a completely new innovation in golf:


Rotational force technology was created to help regular golfers release the toe of the driver through the impact zone and consistently square up the face.

This combination gives golfers more fairway-finding consistency and effortlessly releases the toe, which also adds more clubhead speed….a LOT more!

How about 6-12 MPH more?


The Colt’s grip and slightly shorter shaft are counter-balanced, making this driver the easiest to release and easiest to square up consistently.

This back weighting - a little secret used by Jack Nicklaus and many pros today - adds more clubhead speed without swinging harder.

And, as a huge bonus: it gives you more control and accuracy.


The smaller clubhead gives you enhanced control and precision.

A long drive is great, but won’t reduce your score unless it’s straight down the fairway. That’s what the smaller clubhead gives you.


The blend of lightweight aluminum and the strength of titanium produces a faster swing speed while also maintaining maximum durability in the clubhead.


  • Engineered with a responsive and explosive club face to maximize consistent distance…with an almost trampoline-like effect that will launch a golf ball and maximize total distance.

Colt will get you more distance without you having to do anything different.


An innovative technology, expertly designed to realign off-center shots. This advanced automatic toe closing mechanism brings the golf ball back into the center of the fairway. Say goodbye to the slice and hello to more distance from the center of the fairway.  Pick a spot and hit it with the Colt!

This unique and exclusive never-before-seen combination all make the Colt 255 a lethal weapon.

  • Rotational Force Technology: Automatically releases the face through impact.
  • Shorter Shaft Length: More control, tailored for amateur golfers.
  • Automatic Face Release: Simplify your drive, swing it without thinking
  • Toe Release Mechanism: Mimics professional techniques in equipment built for amateur golfers
  • Instant Slice Correction: Brings the golf ball back into the center of the fairway.
  • Effortless Power: More distance without swinging harder.
  • Enhanced Swing Speed: Automatically increases swing speed by 6 to 12 mph for powerful drives.
  • Intuitive Swing Mechanics: Leverages natural human motion for better results.

The Results Speak For Themselves

Let Physics Lead Your Swing for Dead Solid, Perfectly Accurate Drives

Finally, a driver has been designed, engineered, and built to make it EASY for regular golfers like you to release the toe through impact.

How does that help?


It also squares the face.

Giving you consistent, solid contact, AND you get a HUGE bonus…an extra 6 to 12 miles an hour club head speed which translates into 15 to 30 more yards of dead accurate distance. 

It’s the COLT 255 Driver, and it’s based on science and physics. The best part is that it’s been designed specifically for amateurs .. . just like you.

With the COLT, you’ll finally be able to release the toe of your driver . . .

giving you square, solid impact with more speed…

and all without changing your swing or swinging harder! 

Check this out:

On the one side is a conventional driver, and on the other, the COLT.

Both drivers are being swung with exactly the same effort.

There’s one big difference.

The COLT is designed to let the toe release through impact.

Watch the speedometers the drivers approach the golf ball. You can see the conventional driver hitting the ball with a glancing blow at 85 miles an hour.

This causes mishits, lapped shots, and missed fairways.

But the COLT with the toe releasing through impact is up to 94 miles an hour.

The impact is solid.

The ball flies DEAD straight.

AND with the extra 9 miles an hour, the ball flies 23 yards farther... with exactly the same effort!

When you use the COLT driver, you’ll experience the same easy power, insane accuracy, and consistently longer drives!

“When you mishit a ball with my other driver, most of the time it would be in the rough, out-of-bounds in the water. With the Colt, even the mishits were down the middle, so I could easily recover.”

- Steve Mihelic

18 Handicap

Rotational Force Technology: Effortless Power, Unmatched Precision

This COLT driver gives regular golfers an enormous advantage.

Sure, it looks great, but the science that went into the design of the COLT is what makes it so much easier to:

  • Open and close the club head
  • Release the toe
  • Hit ridiculously accurate bombs that split the fairway!

Here’s another way to see how the COLT works so much better for your game.

You might have read or heard a lot out there about the golf swing, or hitting your driver, that some how, we don't want timing involved.

No timing, just mechanics.

Well, here’s a hard truth.

There is timing in every other sport you have ever played.

And you learned those pretty easily. 

You know instinctively how to hit a ball, right?

Whether it’s with a bat or a racquet or a paddle. 

It's all related to that anticipated moment of impact.

That's what gives you the feel and understanding.

For example, if I hit foul ball to the right, I know I was late with the bat. Or if I hit a foul left, early with the bat.

The problem is you just CAN’T do this with the big-name driver that's in your bag!

It’s not made to have the toe release through impact. It’s made to make that hard…because that’s what pros need.

But with the COLT, it’s natural.

You’ll be able to release the toe and rip insanely accurate bombs straight down the pipe time after time!


When you start teeing off with the COLT, you’ll finally be able to master your drives and have power and control over the golf ball.

Extra Yards Without Extra Effort

How would you like to add 6- 12 miles an hour more clubhead speed with a driver?

AND hit it more consistently solid and straighter?

Of course, you would, and we all would love to.

How about this?

You can do it without changing your swing!

That’s because with the COLT DRIVER, almost immediately, you’ll be able to wield it better than any driver you have ever hit before. 


Because the COLT does exactly what YOUR swing needs it to do.

It lets you effortlessly release the toe through impact for added speed, distance, and most importantly game-changing accuracy. 

No more:

  • Slaps
  • Pop-ups
  • Weak slices

Those conventional, big name drivers are built NOT to release the toe…while that’s great for pros who swing at 120 miles an hour or more, it’s ruining your game!

That’s why the driver in your bag right now is SO HARD TOHIT CONSISTENTLY WELL.

By making it difficult to release the toe, it makes it hard to hit straight and slows down the clubface REDUCING DISTANCE!

Do you want to keep hitting your drives inconsistently?


And missing the fairway?

Then keep fighting the driver you have right now…keep struggling to get it in the fairway, keep losing distance, and bets to your buddies. 

But if you want to change your game...

If you want to start striping crazy laser missiles that split the fairway, then you NEED a driver specifically built for . . .

YOUR game!

A driver that uses science to optimize toe release for consistency, accuracy, and effortless distance.

And there is only ONE driver that does it, the COLT Driver.

Instant Speed Boost and Razor-Sharp Accuracy

You will be shocked at how easy it is to rip the COLT DRIVER time after time, dead straight and long.

Your buddies won’t believe what they’ll see…without trying to swing harder, faster, or with more control, the physics built right into the COLT allows you to finally conquer the biggest problem for most amateurs: their drives.

The COLT is so easy, so accurate, and so long, you’ll swear it has to be illegal.

But it’s not.

By completely changing the science and physics of the COLT for regular golfers, you’ll own the shortcut to hitting consistent quality drives with effortless power and control every time you play.


Well, the results speak for themselves:


With the COLT, you can start hitting your drives longer and more consistently with our 20/20 guarantee. 

You will hit your drives insanely straight, add an effortless 20 more yards, and reduce your handicap by 20% in 60 days or your money back.

So what are you waiting for?

There is no risk and nothing to lose with the COLT Driver. The COLT reveals to you the secrets to the effortless power and consistency that you've always wanted.

Whether your handicap’s a two or a 32, whether you’ve played the game all your life or thinking about playing for the first time, there is no better, easier, or more rewarding way for you to learn to hit consistent, long drives and help lower your score than with the COLT DRIVER.

And the best part?

You're going to see the results in the first few hours. 

With the COLT, you’ll finally be able to consistently release the toe of the driver, slam the golf ball dead straight, and start ripping longer; straighter drives almost instantly.

Are you tired of all the clubs, gadgets, and gimmicks that promise to improve your driving and golf game but just don't work?

Is there a way to actually get rid of your slice once and for all?

Hit longer and straighter drives more consistently, lower your handicap, and have more fun.

With the COLT DRIVER, the answer is an over whelming YES. 

The COLT 255 is a revolutionary driver that finally uses science and physics to maximize the efficiency of YOUR golf swing by making it easy to release the toe, allow the face to square up, and hit the most consistently accurate and long drives of your life.

Click the link right now for a special introductory offer on the game changing driver that will add consistent distance and accuracy to your game the very first round. With the colt driver.


Colt 255 Driver

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