From the team that brought you the Hummingbird Super-Loft Wedge

The New 58° Hummingbird Wedge

Add this Versatile, Easy-to-Hit Weapon and Knock 

Even More Strokes Off Your Scores

Emmy-Winning Investigative Reporter and 3-Time Golf Digest Instructor of the Year Discuss the Hummingbird Wedge

Dear Hummingbird Wedge owner:


I hope this finds you wowing your pals with towering flop shots, escaping bunkers with Houdini-like ease and saving strokes like never before.


Now it’s time to take your short game to the next level.


We’ve created a second Hummingbird Wedge to handle those situations where you need all the playability and forgiveness of the 70° version, but with a bit less loft.


Meet the all-new 58° Hummingbird H7 Wedge…

Your go-to club for a range of tricky greenside shots.

Here’s just a handful of examples:

  • Medium-length to longer shots from the sand

  • Chip shots where you need a lower trajectory and more roll

  • The pitch-and-run that carries onto the green and releases toward the flag

  • Full shots from 40 – 80 yards (depending on your swing speed)

  • Any shot, from any lie, where maximum spin is a must
  • In a nutshell, it’s the perfect complement to your 70° Hummingbird Wedge.

    The 58° Hummingbird was created by the same award-winning designer, Jeff Halstead,  and boasts all the same amateur-friendly features as its big brother. Each plays a key role in making tough shots easy and eliminating those score-crushing mistakes.


    Now, you might be thinking a 58° Hummingbird sounds great… but you assume you’ll have to open the face to get extra height.


    That might be true – if you didn’t already own the 70° H7 Wedge.


    With the super-loft model at your disposal for flop shots and bunker blasts over tall lips, you can save the 58° H7 for situations where less loft is required. Just set up with a square clubface and swing away.


    Let’s take a brief run through the new Hummingbird’s features and benefits.

    Extra-wide “AirX” sole for smooth interaction with turf, sand and rough

    I’m guessing you rarely, if ever, hit a fat shot with your 70° Hummingbird. Even when you catch the ground first, the “AirX” sole shrugs it off and glides gently under the ball,  right?


    You can expect the same fat-free performance with the 58° model.


    Likewise, this version slips safely through any type of sand.  And thanks to those channels along the bottom, it eats nasty rough for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    Upright lie angle promotes a simple, chipping-style swing on pitches and bunker shots

    We’ve gotten tons  of feedback from Hummingbird owners who love how it simplifies the short game.


    No more hinging. No more flipping the club through impact trying to square the blade.


    For that you can thank the upright lie, which promotes a down-the-line swing with the arms and shoulders.


    You’ll find the 58° Hummingbird Wedge  just as comfortable  at setup, just as simple to swing – and just as effective at sticking the ball close. 

    Unique alignment aids line you up dead on the target for unmatched accuracy

    Expanded clubface and massive sweet spot make it easy to strike pure – and still get good results when you don’t

    Another reason it’s easy to drill the 58° Hummingbird Wedge dead-center – its dead-center is a lot bigger than most.


    On those rare occasions where you miss it, the oversized hitting area assures you’ll get enough “oomph” on the ball to reach the green.


    As you can see, the new 58° Hummingbird Wedge has…

    All the ingredients you need for next-level short game performance.

    Whatever wedge you’re currently playing in the 55° – 60° range, replace it with the 58° H7 and you WILL see better results.

    On the off chance you don’t, you’ll have this to fall back on:

    Without EVER opening the face, you just use your normal chipping motion, straight back and straight through and ball effortlessly floats up high and soft with more spin than you can believe.

    Imagine having such control you can attack ANY pin and have the confidence to pull off the flop shot because you finally have a club that MAKES IT EASY!

    When you have the Hummingbird, you’ll never be embarrassed putting from off the green, you won't have to guess with a bump and runs, you won’t fear a lob shot ever again!

    With its AirX sole, the Hummingbird is a completely new category of wedge.

    The AirX sole glides through any rough or even tight lies by compressing against the ground using its bounce and sending your ball up in the air with your normal chipping motion.

    The Anti-dig lie angle is more upright like a putter. This helps you avoid digging which is the cause of fat and chunked shots.

    It encourages a vertical straight back and straight through swing…

    the same swing you already use on your chips!

    Opening the face of the traditional wedge doubles the effective bounce -- manipulates the loft -- automatically causing blade shots that end up in another zip code.

    Never hit it in the teeth again…

    Sound Familiar?
    • Forced to bump and runs because you can rely on the high lofted shot
    • Putting from off the green trying when you should be hitting a high lob shot in
    • Chunking it with your thin low loft wedge it as your buddies watch from the edge of the green
    • Blading it 20 yards over the green as you attempt the flop/lob shot once a round
    • Playing on fairways and bunkers that aren’t perfectly manicured?

    "A Ground-breaking Wedge design for the amateur golfer

    The lob shot is almost impossible to hit consistently for 90 percent of my students. This is the first wedge I have seen that has the lob shot built right in and is  super easy to use—it's kinda hard to mess this up. The face is oversized -  you never have to open the face - aim left and make a giant swing to get the ball high in the air. My students are able to fly in right to the pin and stop those chunks and bladed pitch shots that cause so much frustration.

    Oh...  It’s great out of the bunkers too!"
    -- Todd Kolb - US Golf TV - Minnesota PGA Teacher of the Year
    Imagine having a Superloft wedge that you can take all of the guesswork out of your short game…

    Fly it straight to the pin and never have to rely on the tricky bump and runs or putting from off of the green hoping to bounce it up there close.

    It’s time to throw your Texas Wedge in the trash….

    The bump and run shot is so unreliable because it’s hard to judge the distance.
    6-7-8 irons are not designed to chip it around the green- golfers are doing it backwards because they don't have the right equipment.

    Phil could bump and run everything but he knows that if he flies it to the hole –- he's in control and it's much easier to take the guesswork out, plus -- a lot more fun.

    There is a reason he is the best short game player in the world.

    Is he known for the bump and run or the high flop shot?

    There’s a reason all of the pros try to model him.

    You would never bump and run or putt the ball from off the green if you had confidence in your traditional wedge.

    The truth is –your wedge was never designed to open the face.

    You are doing it dead wrong and it’s not your fault

    All wedges are designed to sit on the ground square and once you open the face it doubles the amount of bounce.

    Causing blade shots that rocket over the green.


    Fat shots that go 4 feet in front of you.

    Big Manufacturers don’t design super lofted wedges because the pros don’t need them, but you do.

    They have the hands of a skilled surgeon and 100 hours to practice a week – plus they play on Augusta National-like fairways every day of their life.

    "This extremely happy amateur golfer trying the Hummingbird wedge for the first time managed to impress himself and everyone around him by flop-n-dropping a chip right into the hole!"

    Thin fairways and tight lies make it almost possible for the weekend warrior golf to hit the high flop or lob shots to the pin.

    When you open a traditional wedge, you are doubling the effective loft and its wrecking your short game.




    And everything in between.
    Former Adams Superstar Wedge Designer spills the beans...

    “The conventional wedge was never designed to open up the face-but I see every golfer on the planet doing it.

    It’s wrecking their confidence and their short game.

    This super-loft wedge has the high flop shot built right into the design-without ever opening and manipulating the face to get the ball in the air.

    You can hit a flop shot with a square face using a simple chipping motion”

    H7 Hummingbird 70° Wedge

    • Take the guesswork out and fly to hole
    • Eliminate the bump and run—never putt off the green again
    • Use a simple chipping motion with no hands
    • Straight back and straight through
    • Graphics on the face that help you swing it right at the target
    • Never open the face as the loft is built right in
    • Large forgiving face built for high lob shots
    • Air x sole that never digs and glides along turf and sand
    • Never take a full swing to get the ball in the air

    Award-winning Engineer (previously with Adams and Taylor Made) Jeff Halstead is the mastermind behind this Super-Loft wedge.

    "I have been in the golf business and directly involved with product development for PING, Adams Golf, Yes! Golf and other manufacturers. This product is one of the rare breakthroughs in design and function that will help golfers of levels hit high lob shots around the green. Using the loft built into the club with a simpler/straighter motion is a game-changer.  This club will make golf more fun and that’s what design innovation should be all about."
    -- Blair Phillip
    "My husband [U.S. Army Colonel] recently purchased the Hummingbird club. 
    I have struggled for years to learn the proper techniques (club face angle, hit the sand, follow through, open stance feet, etc. etc.)  But the very first time I tried the hummingbird, I was OUT!  and on the green! I’m afraid it feels like cheating.
    Had to have a Hummingbird in my own bag, so I ordered one also.  The major brands hype new technology, new materials, etc., yet they remain basically the same equipment.  The Hummingbird feels revolutionary and is truly a game changer.
    Thank you!"
    -- Susan Fried
    "No Dig -- straight up in the air”
    "I was even pitching it off of the green surface"
    "Super easy!”
    -- Mike McGavin- Santa Barbara- CA

    Our 60-Day, Money-Back Guarantee

    If you don’t hit high lob shots on command (using a simple straight-back and straight-through chipping swing) that stop right by the hole- I insist you ask for your money back.

    You may recall getting the same guarantee with your 70° Hummingbird. I suspect it took you about five shots to decide you were keeping that one.


    Likewise, I’m positive you’ll fall instantly in love with your 58° version.


    However, if you:


    … Take it to the golf course, range and short game area…


    … Try every shot under the sun, and…

    … Decide you can do better with a different club…


    Simply return the Hummingbird within 60 days of receipt and  we’ll refund the  full purchase price.


    That, my friend, is the best guarantee in the business.


    And  the price is just as friendly.


    See, unlike the major brands, we don’t have to cover a massive marketing budget.


    We have no tour pros to pay for playing our clubs, either.


    And because we’re direct-to-consumer, our overhead is nice and low.


    That’s why we don’t have to charge $150 – $250 for a single wedge like the big boys do.


    Instead, we’re happy to offer the new 58° Hummingbird Wedge for  a mere $99.


    The major clubmakers can’t beat that.


    And they sure as hell can’t beat the Hummingbird’s game-improving performance.


    Of course, you already know that. You’ve experienced it firsthand with the 70° model.


    So go ahead: Expand your weaponry and slash your scores even more – order your 58° Hummingbird Wedge today.


    – Andrew Knack, Founder of Golf  Knack 

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