For Golfers Aged 50 or More Who Want Longer Drives

Witness Mr. Bobby Wilson….
 The 5x Division-For-Division World Long-Drive Champion, 11x Major Title Winner, and Long Drive Coaching For Dozens of PGA Pros — Reveal His 3-Part Secret  To Help You Predictably Smack Drives 250+ Yards, Straighter and More Consistently Than Ever Before...

Give Bobby Just 90 Minutes and You’ll Acquire The Same Driving Power Of The Biggest Ball-Strikers In Golf, like Ben Hogan, Sam Snead, Lee Trevino, Tom Watson, And So Much More…
To My Fellow Golfer: 

If you want to consistently hit drives further, straighter as soon as tomorrow, without risking injury, needing extra practice, no matter how old or young you are…

Then you’re in for your greatest golf lesson ever. 

Now, listen up: 

My name is Bobby Wilson, one of the world’s best long drive hitters.

You may know me for being the: 

     5x RE/MAX World Long Drive Champion

     All-time leading money winner on the National Long Drive circuit

     First golfer to ever qualify and compete in 3 divisions of the same World Long Drive Championship

     Averaging 370 yards in long drive competition

     Winner of 11 major titles

And what I’m about to share with you will benefit any golfer…

Especially those aged 50 and above…

Because even though I’m 64-years young…

I can still hit drives 370 yards down the fairway…

That’s a hell of a lot better than most of the young hot shots on the course!

My performance and coaching has been praised by major pros spanning several decades…

All because I can teach anyone to predictably hit long drives.

And I do so by teaching the same techniques that allow me to dominate long drive competitions year after year…

Techniques anyone can use.

Especially the older guys who’ve tried everything to improve their long game!

Today, you have the chance to discover these techniques to powerfully hit drives 250, 260, 270, and even 280+  yards every time you step up to the tee. 

The same techniques I’ve shared and are currently used by legendary PGA pros and today’s top tour golfers.


And I want you to show you how to use it no matter your age…


Your previous injuries…


Your faulty technique…


Your fancy (or not fancy) clubs…


Your strength and mobility…


Or even think you can never ever hit like you used to.


Because after giving over 20,000 golf lessons to literally every experience level…


From total beginner amateurs to PGA tour legends like...


Johnny Miller, Jan Stephenson, Tommy Bolt, and even Jack Nicklaus…


I’ve learned that anyone, and I mean literally ANYONE…


Can acquire the technique to hit further, straighter, and more consistently than ever before.

But First, Let Me Tell You Everything Wrong With Your Current Long Drive Technique — And Keeping It Will Only Hurt You In The Long-Term…

Let’s set the scene, shall we? 

You step up to the tee…

Ready to move that ball down the fairway. 

Eyes are on you.

Tilt forward from the hips. 

Back straight. 

Chin up. 

Bring it for the backswing. 

Go for the downswing. 


Follow through. 

Where does it go? 

If you’re like most amateur golfers, your drives are landing 30 -50 yards shorter than you want — So The Golf Buddies Laugh!

They’re hittin’ it far, seemingly with no problem.


And if you’re an older guy like me, it’s even more disappointing.


Because you know you could hit it farther.


Much farther, like you used to.

And of course, you’ve probably searched how to improve your swing…


Maybe you watched a course.


Worked with an instructor.


Maybe even got one of those fancy clubs that promises you can get your distance back.


But those didn’t work for you either.

Actually, If you’re like most golfers who want to improve their long game…


At this point, you’re skeptical with what most golf instructors teach…


And you should be.

You see, the ‘t raditional golf swin g ’ you’ve been taught isn’t the most optimal technique for drives.

Actually, it’s killing your drives. 

Think about it. 

When you observe the swings of the best long drivers in history…

Like legends like Jack Nicklaus or Bill Hogan

You’ll notice they DON’T swing the way most do today…

And still, they launched their drives 250 - 300 yards with ease.


Plus, when you consider their low-tech equipment…


It really gets you thinking: 

How Did Old-School Golfers Hit Drives 270+ Yards Without Modern Golf Tech or Strength Training Programs 
We Have Today?

What’s their big secret?

The question gets bigger when you consider this wild fact: 

According to the now-famous “Distance Insights” project run by the USGA and R&A.

The average driving distance with amateur golfers has declined for the last 15 years…

With amateur golfers hitting an average of 217 yards in 2005….

And in 2019, hitting much lower at only 216. 

The average amateur golfer is actually getting worse!

So, don’t feel embarrassed if you’ve struggled with your drives...

Because you’re not the only one. 

Thousands, if not millions, of golfers are in the hole with you. 

Frankly, it’s all because you learned the wrong way to hit drives. 

The way that caps your potential power…

And makes your drives 2x or 3x weaker than they could be.

But don’t worry…

Because I’ll give you step-by-step instructions to add yardage to your drives…

As well as laser-accuracy to have you getting better placement than you have in years

But first off, you need to know what you’re doing wrong. 

So here are...

The 3 Most Common Mistakes You’re Making Right Now That Minimize Your Long Drive Yardage

And no…


It’s not because you’re “getting older”...


And you don’t need “more practice”...


Or hit the gym so you can “feel stronger”...


Or to go off and purchase a whole new set of clubs…


Or wrap your club around you when you wind up….


These mistakes are actually quite simple to fix.


A small tweak to your swing and finish may be all you need to get that extra 20, 30, 40, or even 50 yards on your drives. 

#1 Your V-Shape Swing Destroys Consistency

Here’s the biggest problem with the popular V-shape swing: 

It demands perfection. 

And if you don’t perfectly time your hands and wrists…

Well, say “hello” to a lifetime of fat shots, thin shots, hooks, and slices. 

It’s nearly impossible to get it perfect every time. 

Your body adjusts after each hole. 

You have a little less energy.

A little less power.

Which makes you compensate when you swing…

This forces you to lose consistency immediately…

And actually get weaker and weaker as your game progresses.

The result?

Low yardage that makes you want to throw your club at the wall.

#2 Your Backswing Limits Your Power

A lot of amateurs think “I’ll just wind my back swing farther to give me more power.”




It’s not as simple as that.


That only makes you spend more energy and risk injury.


You’ll only wind up swinging without the proper control.


Sure, perhaps you’ll hit far once or twice.


But you won’t be as accurate.


You’ll end up with fat shots and slices all over the place.


Paired with the traditional V-shaped swing, you’ll get no lag or power at impact.


Think about it…


Quarterbacks don’t release from the shoulder…


Baseball pitchers don’t either…


Nor do power-packed discus and hammer throwers.


I’ll expand and explain the right way to do it later on.... 

#3 Your “Power Line” Is “Offline”

The traditional golf swing is counterintuitive for a maximum swing.

It forces you to finish inside, not down the line of power. 

It’s a distance killer. 

You’re literally putting a ceiling on your yardage.

The best technique involves “pushing the ball” in a straight line…

Keeping your club online adds distance, accuracy, and consistency to your swing.

The principal is dead opposite to your traditional golf swing.

So What’s The Solution To Fixing Your Swing and Hitting Drives 250+ Yards Without Hurting Yourself Or Needing More Practice?

As I mentioned before, you may have noticed the greatest ball strikers were from 30, 40, or even 50+ years ago…

Golfers like Sam Snead, Payne Stewart, Johnny Miller, and Ben Hogan…

I had the immense privilege to learn first-hand and 1-on-1 from these legends. 

And I was always so impressed with them. 

Mainly because they weren’t golfers who relied on brute force to hit far…

Or the newest ‘driver’ technology that seems to come out every year…

Or even rigorous practice…

Instead, these greats trusted their techniques to produce incredible results. 

Techniques that, for some reason, modern golfers have totally left behind.

Which is a shame…

Because by learning these methods…

Any golfer would acquire effortless power and precision on their drives. 

But, that’s also why I’m happy you’re here…


I Want To Give You The Old-School Legends Secret To Hitting Long Drives — No Matter Your Age Or Experience!

Over the last 35 years as a top long driver and instructor…

I’ve had the honor to work with the greats. 

Not only did I teach and coach a lot of them…

But they also taught me the finest tweaks that upleveled my long game.

And now for the first time ever…

I want to give you full-access to these secrets.

Today, you can...

Steal The Same Driving Technique Used By Golf’s Most Powerful Strikers As Soon As Tomorrow!

You don’t need to keep practicing your swing to no end.

Or blame your clubs for your performance. 

Or worry that you’re “losing it” due to age. 

Because the moment you learn my principles...

You’ll see a difference the next time you hit the green!

I warn you, though...

It’s not a conventional method. 

Actually, it goes against most of what you’re taught about your swing. 

But you need to get out of the typical and ordinary…

If you want to create extraordinary results. 

Yet, the reality is my technique has always been used by the top drivers…

Shared only among the best of the best. 

And in the past, I’ve taught it to private coaching clients…

Who pay me thousands per hour just to learn the same techniques the pros use. 

But now, you can take these techniques home with you for a fraction of the cost!
Discover these methods in…

Bobby Wilson’s

Power Triangle Method

Online Training Videos

90 minutes of pure golf gold.

Created to help amateur golfers — like yourself — unleash power in your drives…

So you can hit farther confidently and predictably…

With laser-accuracy……

And without risking injury…

Or buying new clubs…

Because in these value-packed instructional videos…

You’ll get to learn all the techniques used by golf’s most prolific and powerful strikers.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In The Power Triangle Method Training Videos

  • How to gain an extra 30-50 yards FAST — The 3 principles to generate maximum arrow-straight distance in your drives — that I’ve personally shared with PGA pros like Jack Nicklaus, Johnny Miller, and Lee Trevino.
  • The truth about ‘The Traditional Swing’ — what so-called golf “experts” are NOT telling you that could cause injury. Heck, this may even force you to stop playing altogether!
  • The unconventional U-shaped swing ideal for older golfers — which gives you more freedom, less tension, and eliminates the injury risk. This is perfect if you want to save energy and keep enough in the tank all day!
  • How to “load” your body for maximum power. (Traditional swings rob you of this potential — while the Power Triangle method increases it two-fold!)
  • The legendary ball-striker Bill Hogan’s secret “ignition phase” to help you unleash massive power. (This how Bill was able to hit 250+ yard drives 70 years ago, even without the fancy equipment we have today)
  • How to master your ‘line of power’ -— that ensures you not only hit far, but also hit with unrivaled accuracy. Get this down and you’ll see a massive difference in your distance, placement, and consistency.

Watch Me Reveal These Secrets Proven To Help You Hit Drives Straighter, Farther, and More Consistently

The U-Shaped Swing

  • Gain an extra 30-50 yards instantly with sniper-like accuracy consistently.
  • By far the most body-friendly and consistent way to hit drives — making for golfers aged 50 and above!
  • This is the same swing Hale Irwin used — and how he won 48 titles on the senior tour!

The Ignition Phase

  • Ben Hogan's famous method for loading your swing with near devastating power.
  • Learn this and you’ll discover the right way to activate your major muscles so you launch your drives clear over the mountains!
  • Try it one time and you’ll never go back to your old technique again — and especially leave the V-shaped swing in the past!

The Line of Power

  • Ever heard of Moe Norman? Whose dead-on accuracy shot after shot was so spot on he was nicknamed “Pipeline Moe”? Well, this is his well-hidden secret to acquire precision and power in one package!
  • Say goodbye to frustrating ‘way-off’ shots for good! Once you understand this concept, you’ll know full-well you’ll never be offline again!
  • Plus, you’ll learn to get your swing speed up a notch, so you ensure your power never falters. 

That’s Not At All…
In The Power Triangle Method, You’ll Also Discover: 

  • The ‘pendulum’ method that practically takes your hands and wrists out of the swing. 
  • The secret to squaring your clubface every time, so you can produce that satisfying ‘pop’ to send the ball soaring
  • Why you don’t have to use your hands or wrists to swing — and the technique to use your body and major muscles for clean, efficient, powerful drives!
  • The single best grip you need that gives you ultimate comfort and intense power. 
  • Why I position my golf balls differently compared to other golf instructors — and why doing it “the other way” is the reason you’re losing 20 - 30 yards!
  • The final answer to “what’s the best posture” so you can finally hit comfortably, without the risk of injury, and without worrying if your feet or shoulders are hurting your distance!

You’ll Also Learn Skill-Honing Drills You Can Practice To Gain More Yards In The Future — 
Your Golf Buddies Won’t Know What Hit Em’!

  • The extension drill
  • The high-to-low drill
  • The wide hands drill
  • The Left-to-shoulder drill
  • Break the tee
  • Elevation Change
  • Reverse Pivot
  • ...And so many many many more!

Here’s The Proof From Just A Few Of The 1000s of Golfers Who Stand By My Long-Driving Methods and Teaching Prowess..

“Man, if I could drive it like that, they’d never even have HEARD of Jack Nicklaus!” ...and... “I just gotta see who the gorilla is that can hit the ball so far!” - Lee Trevino

“Bobby Wilson is a real player. If he had been groomed when he was a youngster, he would have been a [PGA Tour] superstar. Of all the long hitters I have worked with, he has the best golf swing.” - Johnny Miller 

“Not only is Bobby Wilson a very good player, he’s a very fine fellow, too” - Jack Nicklaus
“Hey Bobby, many thanks for the prodigious tips you’ve given me this summer. They have been incredibly effective, and have fundamentally improved my performance. This last weekend, we had the club championships at Bearspaw – my handicap is now a 10, so I was placed in the second flight. The first two days I shot an 82 and a 78, which qualified me for the finals. Making the cut, and ending up in a competitive position was a lot of fun!” - Chet
“Bobby, thought I’d send you a short note, as our club championships were this past weekend. I was placed in the 4th flight. I shot an 85 the first day, and 83 the second which allowed me to take an 8-stroke lead into the Monday. I shot a stressful 89 on Monday, to win by 12. I couldn’t have done it without your guidance and assistance. Thank you!”  - Tim


Here’s What You Can Expect After Viewing 
This 90 Minute Training Video

Look, man. 

I’m not promising that  you can turn into a long-drive champion overnight. 

And you don’t need to have that goal to benefit from this course. 

But what if you were to be the longest hitter in your crew? 

You could play every round with confidence knowing you’ll always be in a good position. 

You’ll feel untouchable. 

How good do you think that’d feel? 

Let me tell you, it’d feel awesome. 

Just going up to that tee and seeing you’re getting an extra 15, 20, 30, 40 years each time…

And going straight straight STRAIGHT down the fairway, too!

That’s what I want for you. 

To be the guy people see swing and think to themselves: 

How the heck does he do that?!?

That feeling you get when you see that ball soar far and straight…

There ain’t anything like that. 

After viewing this course, I guarantee you’ll see results. 

You’ll hit drives further, straighter, and more consistently. 

You may not be the long drive champion overnight…

But you WILL see and feel the difference the next day…

I Guarantee You’ll Hit Farther and Straighter Than Ever Before…
You Even Have A No-Hassle 90-Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee…

90 days — risk free. 

Try the Power Triangle Method Coaching System for 90 days — that’s all I ask. 
Practice the drills. Absorb the philosophy.  Try everything inside. Test it all out yourself. 

I dare you to prove me wrong.

If you’re not absolutely thrilled or satisfied with your improvements in your drives, or seeing less soreness and injury, or hitting better than you have in years — then let us know. 

We’ll issue you a full refund of your purchase price. No questions asked. 

Are You Asking Yourself These Questions? Get Your Answers!

How long will it take for me to see results? Plus, I’ve been working on my swing a long time. Am I going to have to take it all apart and totally rebuild it for this?

Do what I, Bobby Wilson, tell you and you will immediately begin to see Longer and Straighter drives. This is a simpler way to swing the club. Easier on the body. Easier to repeat and completely opposite of what is being taught in mainstream golf Instruction.

I’m 73 years old, I’ve already had one hip replaced and the other one’s not in a very good shape either. Really now, will this still work for me?

This Method is designed for you —the golfer that has injuries and from years of the traditional golf swing. This is body friendly and doesn’t require the twisting and turning like the Modern Traditional Swing.

If you have a bad hip and are still hitting the ball with the Traditional swing then Bobby’s Method will free you up even more.

Will I add accuracy in addition to hitting the ball further?

GUARANTEED! I’m known as Mr. Consistent. I wouldn’t DREAM of just showing you how to hit farther into the woods. So, yes, “accuracy” is a VERY big part of this System.

Bottom line: Golf's a lot more fun when you're hitting home runs. With the Power Triangle Method, you're going to enjoy this game a lot more ... for your whole life.

Stats wise I am the longest and straightest driver of the golf ball in the world. You will hit it LONG and Straight as the clubface doesn’t rotate open and shut like the traditional swing.

Ready To Boost Your Power, Gain Sniper-Like Precision, and Hit Drives With Confidence?

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  • “How long will it take for me to see results? Plus, I’ve been working on my swing a long time. Am I going to have to take it all apart and totally rebuild it for this?”

  • “I'm 73 years old, I’ve already had one hip replaced and the other one’s not in very good shape either. Really, now – will this still work for me?”

  • “Will I add accuracy in addition to hitting the ball further?