What People Are Saying About Us


"Got both the clubs. Thank you. I went and played this weekend and I gotta say that Teton added 50 yards or better to my tee shots. I usually use a 3 wood off the tee because I cannot use a drive. It’s a demon. But the Teton, wow what a game changer for me. The MUL started slow but by the 15th hole, I was getting the hang of it. I like it a lot. So just an understory, we played with 2 guys that just spent $500.00 a piece on Ping drivers. Finally on the 17th hold he asked if he could try the Teton. I said sure. It was his longest drive of the day. He will be going to your site to buy the Teton. Alex, it was worth the wait. Thank you."  -Keith B


 "I am trying to play after a couple of injuries, need to learn a shorter swing but am having some difficulties doing so. I absolutely love the two wedges that I bought 58 and 70 degree and practice almost every day with them." - Charles M



"Good afternoon, this is Charles M. I had the opportunity to actually play with the Teton HD driver. The weather on today in S.C was in the mid-70s. The Teton driver is everything the advertisement states. I usually drive with a 3 wood but today, I left the 3-wood home and let’s see what the Teton can do. Besides some mechanical self-errors, I will not be returning the HD driver. It's an amazing club, I now can't wait for the S.C. weather to even get warmer. I play a lot of tournaments in the summer and I can't wait for my fellow golfers to say, " What is that you're swinging?" Thanks and be safe." - Charles M


"I received my new club today and it is beautiful. Feels great on the swing. I have a lot of golf buddies so I will be showing this club off to all of them. I play in Senior Golf Tournaments and will give you some good free advertisement. Next, I am waiting for my MUL to arrive soon."  - John M


"Great story about your grandfather my father got me playing at 6 years old. We did not play a lot together however he got me lessons at our municipal course. I loved the game from the beginning and still do. After my parents divorced, I didn't see my father much until my late 20s early 30s we then started to play together once a week. I learned a lot from him and not just about golf. He has passed however I hold those times close to my heart. I am trying to play after a couple of injuries, need to learn a shorter swing but am having some difficulties doing so. I absolutely love the two wedges that I bought 58 and 70 degree and practice almost every day with them." - JP


"THANK YOU. I got the HUMMINGBIRD... I LOVE IT!!! Great Club. I was showing off with friends and telling “Pain is part of Life... Misery is optional! Get your HUMMINGBIRD... and Enjoy the game! Wow what a club! I am waiting for my MUL and I let you know. I give the Hummingbird 5 starts! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟! Thank you, thank you, thank you." - Blanca D


"The Hummingbird is like playing with Phil Michelson. You just set up like a regular club and take a nice and easy swing"
"The ball goes right to the target and puts you on the green"
Cyril Fitzgerald — 28 handicap


"I’ve never hit flop shots that stop where I want them to — I can’t hit a flop shot like that with my current clubs. It feels like there is a flop shot built right into the face of the club!”  "You can fly it right to the pin and it will stop."
Damon Kessler — 16 Handicap


"The hummingbird allowed me to get it out of the trap —with my club it didn't"
Skip Hardenburd -- 13.6 handicap


"I never know what I’m going to do in the sand -- With the Hummingbird I just fly it straight to the hole and never adjust the loft -- Just put it in the center of your stance and make a normal swing."
Carl Best — Handicap 14


“Finally a super loft wedge that combines a built-in swing technique to a square face”  Jeff Halstead — Former Adams Golf Engineer.


"I have to say I used the Hummingbird on two rounds of golf. The first outing I chipped in for a par from off the green. The second time I used it I hit from a terrible bunker and if the cup hadn't had the COVID-19 bumper, I'm sure it would have gone in the hole. So far it's been fun to use and it is very accurate." - Grant


"A Ground-breaking Wedge design for the amateur golfer
The lob shot is almost impossible to hit consistently for 90 percent of my students. This is the first wedge I have seen that has the lob shot built right in and is super easy to use—it's kinda hard to mess this up. The face is oversized - you never have to open the face - aim left and make a giant swing to get the ball high in the air. My students are able to fly in right to the pin and stop those chunks and bladed pitch shots that cause so much frustration.  Oh... It’s great out of the bunkers too!"  -- Todd Kolb - US Golf TV - Minnesota PGA Teacher of the Year


"I just received the 56 Dune Wedge.  I couldn’t believe it!  I instantly became more consistent with making my chips straighter and up more.  It seems the biggest thing I need to learn now with it is distance.  It should be a lot easier now with the confidence it will go toward the pin.  This club is great!" -- Robert Thielmann


"Hi, I never write something like this, but I just used your 70 and 58 degree wedges and had great results. I am a petite woman age 70 who started golf 5 years ago with a handicap around 27. I am quite interested in golf equipment and research it all the time which is how I came about your wedges. I hesitated for some time before purchasing them as the shafts are steel and they are rather long for me as a 5'3 woman. Finally, I decided to go for it and bought both wedges. I wondered if I would really have occasion to use a 70 degree, but I am often near the green in regulation but rarely on so I do have a fair number of shorter shots as well as bunker shots. Today I played about 12 holes and honestly used the 70 degree with huge success on at least six of the holes. I do have to choke pretty far down the shaft but got used to that quickly.  I was a bit worried what my husband would think as he has played golf his entire life and has a single digit handicap. I thought he would be a doubter, but he was so shocked at how useful the club was for me and the high soft shots I hit out of greenside bunkers that by the end he wanted to try it himself. He is able to hit many sorts of shots with other clubs so he is probably fine as is, but for me I don't have that variety of shots. I find when I am by the green in a bunker or the rough I am afraid to hit the ball hard so I often chunk it or don't get out of a bunker. With the 70 degree I just swung away and out it popped. It was all very exciting!  Just wanted to say thanks!"
Mary K. Shaughnessy


"I recently received the MUL and Teton HxD 15-degree hybrid driver. I played 27 holes with these two clubs in my bag. I did not try them out at the range. I am an 80-year-old golfer who plays from the Senior tees, with a handicap of 6. I usually walk the course which is the "Old Style" municipal course with elevated small greens, with a variety of wide bladed grasses. Chipping around the greens with a wide bladed grass laying down, makes chipping with any lofted club impossible. MUL chipper feedback. My first chip was 45' in length and 9" uphill elevation change. I played it as if it were a 7 iron and bounced it into the hill onto the green. I hit the ball straight. It was effortless. What a wonderful feeling. It gave me the confidence to not worry which side of the green to aim at on my approach shots. It will take practice to determine to ball rollout depending on the ball posting with my stance, and how wet and muddy the course is. This MUL putter, in time, will same me 4 strokes a round. You may quote me on this fact. Teton XD 15-degree Hybrid. After three drives from the tee box, I became very comfortable hitting this club. I hit it high and straight about 200 yards in length. This is about 20 yards shorter than my current driver. However, I immediately had the confidence that I could hit the ball straight. The second day I used this club, I learned to hit it off the fairway 180 yards. I will not carry a 3 wood any longer. This was an easy decision for this Senior golfer to make."  - Frank P


"Received my MUL today.  Thank you so much.  Very Happy.  Tried it out already.  I love it."  - Fred Juergensen


"I received the MUL and had it out on the course. Twice chipped from 5-10 yards off green, one hung on edge of hole, the other was gimme distance. Love it, thanks for introducing me to it."
Mark Busch


I cannot wait to get out on the course to try it out again. I think this club will improve my game – especially when I’m just off the green. It has such a solid feel to it – and I love the grip. I just need to practice with it and become more comfortable with it. I’ll “report back” after I play my next round.
Dan A


"I have always known that my key for better scoring is improving my short game. It's fun to use a club that is specifically designed to make those shots around the green easier and more consistent. I’m already seeing some good results with more of my shots being close enough to the hole for an easy putt."
Brad Powell


"I went to my favorite course twice this week. I usually shoot in the low 90's to high 90's. It was the first time out with the MUL. I must admit I practiced for 4 days using the MUL before going out. I shot an 88 and two days later an 89!! The MUL was VERY helpful around the greens for sure. Can't wait to get out there again!!" Mike Houk


"Wow, that was fast!  Normally a request like mine would take at least 2 weeks to 1 month to process.  I appreciate the speedy response.  I hope the Dune chipper will be as good as its company." - Robert Miyake


"Thank you so much for responding to my email. I appreciated you extending the 10% discount for me, I ordered my club last night. It’s nice to know that companies and their employees read emails and respond with sincerity. Thank you again, I'll let you know club impacts my game. Take care." - Bill N


"A company like yours is one I like to deal with, as the quick responses, the teaching techniques you had on about the driver, the fact that Jack N always used short shaft etc.  I'm a golf addict". - Jan L


"Good day Sir !!!! I am very happy that my MUL Chipper had arrive and reaches my home TODAY 30/03/21 (Singapore time). Thank you so much for the Teton as promised by you. Tomorrow I will be using it and come back with more comments. Once again, Thank you a million and it is wonderful and stress free buying this from you.  Stay safe. Rgds Darem". - Darem L



"I dearly love the golf tips.  Fantastic!!"  - Ronald T. Pfeifer



"It's a pleasure doing business w/ your company!" - Paul Catanzaro


 "My name is Tony Williams from California and I am 72 years old. I watched Todd Kolb's video (and took notes) on how to set up for the "High Draw Shot". After hitting just a few ball's I started trusting the set-up technique Todd explained and started hitting decent draw shots. My handicap is 18 and yesterday I shot an 81 at a local course called Airways Golf Course in Fresno (Par is 69). I owe the low score to being able to hitting the ball further down the fairway and having a shorter distance to the green. THANK YOU" - Tony Williams


 "I bought the $47 tape of Bobby Wilson.  What a change. I am hitting my irons so much better. I still have some problems with the driver. I cannot make the ball bend a little left. It still stays to the right.  Not a banana, but stays straight right with a little tail at the end. Help. Thanks" - Marvin Tarnol


 "Great Lessons, I really like your (Todd Kolb) style of teaching". - Larry Lara



"The Teton was a lot more consistent and I felt confident when I was swinging. I would keep it in the fairway a lot more, which would help me score a lot better. It’s a magic club.” - Mark D


“Is there gold inside here or something?” – Richard S


“This Teton driver is the real thing. I’m hitting it 15 yards farther than my driver. I'm amazed by it.” – Scott M


“I was putting the Teton in the middle of the fairway the whole time. The accuracy is gonna be a huge improvement.” – Bob M


“The ball just pops off the end of that clubhead. Really solid.” - Mike A


“The miss with my driver… I'll just hit it up in the air and it’s embarrassing, especially on the first tee. But with the Teton… I was really shocked that a small-head club could really go as far as my driver.” - Dave W


“Being consistent and hitting it straight is very important. Today with the Teton, I was pretty much hitting it down the fairway every time. With the Teton, I feel I have more control... and get the same distance that I was getting with my $850 type driver.” – Greg B


“My biggest struggle with my diver is actually distance. With the Teton, I’m actually getting equal or more driver distance... and I’m getting much better consistency than with my own hybrids... It kind of tops both of them. I might be selling my driver!” – Patrick B


“Finally, someone thought outside the box and combined the easy-to-hit features of a hybrid with the key ingredient for distance into one club. As a coach, this is huge! Now my students can take all the iron swing concepts they’ve mastered and simply repeat them with their driver.” - Todd K 


“I fine-tuned the loft to be stronger than a typical hybrid and combined that with a mid-kick shaft to carry the ball deeper down the fairway. This all has resulted in a club that is easy to control off the tee without sacrificing the ability to carry it far and roll out for longer drives than you’d expect.” - Josh B



“Hey Mr. Knack.
Teton 15 degree is the best club in may bag!!  Love it from tee too fairway on par 4 to 5. Super."
Göran Perrson


  *After trying the clubs, each user was allowed to keep the club as a thank you for their comments.